The Quarantine Variations 

The Quarantine Variations is an artistic collaboration between poet Patrick Kindig and saxophonist Derek Granger, born of the self-isolation spurred by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Each variation presents original pieces of poetry and music that ekphrastically speak to one another.


The creative process: 1. Derek comes up with some sort of writing prompt. 2. Patrick has twenty minutes to write a poem in response to said prompt, then ten minutes to revise it. 3. Derek reads Patrick's poem and takes the afternoon to write, perform, and record a piece of music interpreting it.


Variations 1-30 were produced between March and August 2020, and they were first posted on Instagram @thequarantinevariations. In this version of the variations, the music has been finished and remastered, but the poems are presented in their original form.